The Liscomb Art Collection
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Biblio Chair

Biblio Chair

the soul of my art

Art embodies a sense of decisive freedom. My style of artistic liberty gives special weight to creation and itself. It is a spiritual activity rather some fixed ideal imitation and careful planning. It may be said that my works of art are reflective to my travels, dreams, thoughts, wit and heart made public through what I believe to be clever resourcefulness.


What is the liscomb art collection?

The Liscomb Art Collection is a showcase of unique art pieces created by Chance Burdick Liscomb. It features a series of sculptures, paintings, and functional art (such as fences). The shop contains current pieces for sale; however, the beauty of art is that it is constantly changing. What may be a sculpture of a tree today could be re-purposed into a sculpted blue heron tomorrow. The real art occurs when I get out of the way.  So, be sure to check back frequently.



There is nothing more enjoyable then creating out of found resources. Because of the nature of recycled supplies, there is no opportunity for me to create the same piece of art twice. Each piece is unique and has it's own story to tell.

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